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Has Obama already responded to the Texas Secession Petition?

Has Obama already responded to the Texas Secession Petition?

With the present regime, it is necessary to look at what they do and not the smoke and mirrors of what they say. With their actions, the Obama regime may have already responded. How? you may ask. The answer lies in the creation of more debt. All the talk about extending the debt limit is not just about economics. It is about creating such a giant hole of debt that no State can ever leave from. Whether or not it is intentional or unintentional, the regime is taking steps making it harder for Texas to leave peacefully. The regime has answered with their actions. They are not only saying “NO”, they are saying “We are taking you to the depths of Hell NO!”

The actions and arrogance of the regime is of a nihilistic sort. They are taking the empire to financial hell in a handbag rather than listen to the people. What makes it worse is that many of the republican politicoes are selling out for their bowl of porridge. They are not fighting for us, but rather for themselves and their own personal affluence. Unless there are major changes in the next few weeks, the answer from the regime is clear. It is also clear that they have not studied their history. When we left before, it was after an election. It also only took us between 90-120 days to make it happen.

Instead of being taken deeper in debt, we need sound economic policies. You can not tax yourself or spend yourself to prosperity.

Liberty for Texas!

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  1. j.kirk murrell says:

    I belive what you are saying is true.The fed gov is trying to bring the whole of America down,so they ,the fed gov, can rebuild it in there own image so to speak.
    Buying up ammo so theres shortages for we the People,so we cant defend ourselves.The president himself belives in infantacide,if he would admitt it publicly he sides with Gosnell, the butchering ,abortionist murderer,and probably regrets the outcome of Gosnells trail.I dont mean to get off the subject, butI think of this regime in the white house is planning something real bad for the people of the country,these are very dark times.The fed gov is walking all over our rights,and whatever happened to life,liberty and property.Absolute rule is what the feds have planned.I wish that we could secede peacefully and stop paying the fedgov to take our liberty from us all.

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