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League Cited as Start of Secession Movement

League Cited as Start of Secession Movement

IN a recent article from the Hill by Bernie Quigley, the League of the South is credited with starting the secession movement. Quigley is a blogger from the DC area. He correctly identifies a root issue being one of authority. The regime has lost it’s legitimate authority to speak for the people, and the candidates are each vying to represent people who lost their voices long ago.

For those who wonder, are we making an impact, the answer is YES. Many now view secession as an option in terms of dealing with the challenges of local communities, States and the empire. This is not something that would have been considered 40 years ago by the many people.

We need to continue forward. We need out nation back. We need a return to times when the ten commandments could be posted in public, when we could speak out without concerns of political correctness or the latest term “bullying”. (Is it any wonder that some meddling New York State Senators want to propose an anti-Bullying bill which would undermine free speech? Once a meddlin’ Yankee, always a meddling Yankee. They just can’t stay away from telling others how to live.)
We need a nation that defends its borders, even if it means offending CAIR. We need a nation that does not insist on imperialistic wars where young men and women are sent to die for some multi-national company, we need a nation that treats us as citizens and not as subjects. We need freedom to think critically and discuss matters of concern.

We need liberty!

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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