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Propaganda and Ken Burns

Propaganda and Ken Burns

Documentary Propaganda maker, Ken Burns weighed in on the secession issue. It should not amaze you that he makes the preposterous claim that secession is about ‘racism’. It was bad enough that he distorted and bent history with his propaganda, now he wants to claim that wanting to leave a corrupt empire is about ‘racism’. If this is a taste of his analysis of current political issues, it is no wonder he does such a hatchet job with his propaganda films. His name calling should not surprise us, since many of the liberal Yankee establishment wants to pigeon hole every speech, or action that may lead to increased liberty as a form of racism. The Yankee empire often demonizes those who oppose their agenda and reject their spokespersons. By demonizing us and calling us names, they do not have to think through the issues. They do not have to deal with all the Texans who have lost their jobs due to government regulations, or programs. They do not care when Texas families suffer need from natural disasters. They do not care about what happens on our borders until we talk about independence. It is when we talk about independence that they attempt slapping us down with name calling and threats. They did it in 1836, they did it in 1845 and again in 1860. The Yankee empire has often spoke disparagingly of Texas and the values we cherish, yet they are fast to want Texans to pay into their empire.

As Texans we need to realize that Ken Burns is an establishment propagandist. Like Nazi film crews, he manufactures and keeps the myths of the empire going. In this case, it is the Yankee empire. He promotes the empire and its values. With visual stimulation, he deceives and distorts history in such a manner that Southerners are prejudged and condemned as the bad guys. We are ‘demonized’, our history is demonized and our heroes are ridiculed.

Instead of watching Ken Burns propaganda, reject it. Reject the lies and the hate coming from this New Hampshire resident.

Liberty for Texas.


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