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The Last Three Options Remaining to Those Who Love Liberty Enough to Fight for It

The Last Three Options Remaining to Those Who Love Liberty Enough to Fight for It

Have you ever seen a company where the boss was unable to get things done because a particular employee had usurped authority?  I saw this happen once, where a woman got the boss’s attention after work, and suddenly she was the queen bee in the office.  Several of us walked out of the employment contract, while others waited for inevitable – she married the boss and became the boss.  Which didn’t make it any easier to work there.

The relationship of the States (and their citizens) to the Federal government today is similar.  The States created the National/Federal government for several specific purposes.  There can be no doubt that it was created to be a SERVANT of the States, serving to present a united face in foreign policy, such as negotiating treaties, or when necessary, declaring war; arbitrating differences amongst the States, and giving unity to certain essentials of commerce, such as establishing weights and measures, etc.

One reason for the Judiciary is for the States to sue the Federal government when national laws are believed to be unconstitutional.  The problem we have today is that a generation of judges now preside  who don’t believe the Constitution is the law of the land, or believe that it’s a “living document” to mean what they say it means, and they also believe that the National government is the supreme source of all power.  The Servant has assumed the rule of Master, and the old Masters (the States) have pretty much let it happen.

Obviously, when we elect politicians who are great salesmen, but who have no understanding of the fundamentals of constitutional government, we wind up with demagogues like George Bush or Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.  These Republicans are more dangerous than the recent spate of Democrats offered to us – the Gores and the Clintons and the Obamas are ideologues who are committed to warfare against our Constitutional system, whereas the Republicans are just happy to feather the nests of their political allies and “go along to get along.”

The problem is that this following the path of least resistance has led us not only to rough waters, but there is a waterfall not much further down the river.  Disaster is in the offing.

It may be enough to know that the Ship of State is about to go over a waterfall.  Many state citizens are preparing for just such an event. 1

Is this catastrophe avoidable?  Probably not.  Almost anything we do now will be too little too late, and will be steadfastly opposed by the Welfare Community – that’s the 49-51% of Americans who now depend on a government cheque of some kind, every month.  It is not realistic to expect them to vote against their own financial interests, and that is why this author predicts that it is too late to fix America.

IF it could be done, there are yet three bulwarks of lawful recourse.  We must immediately start working on these remedies of Constitutional government to take the country back.  If we fail, the nation will collapse, and we shall probably see anarchy, civil war, and finally martial law and dictatorship.

The first and immediate set of bulwarks is Nullification.  The federal government has usurped authority, gone beyond its bounds, and is imposing a totalitarian government upon the States and the People.  While a State may not overturn the law for the nation, they can pass state laws which nullify the national law, in their State.  IF Nullification can be successfully established as a way to bring a runaway national government back under control, then we may not need to go to the Final Solution.

Nullification is currently being used by several states as a challenge to mandatory national health care, and is being proposed to remove the intrusive “hands on” practices of the TSA goons who search passengers in all our airports.  There are other issues as well which invite State rejection of Federal laws.

The second very simple solution would be a constitutional amendment to repeal the 17th Amendment – direct election of Senators.  This was a disastrous move toward “democracy” which effectively killed States Rights.  It was passed by the radical Wilson Regime and was nothing less than a direct attempt to destroy the Federal government and replace it with a National government.  It was not the intention of the Founders that the People control both houses of Congress – the whole of checks and balances was to give the States power to keep the federal government in check.  The Senate was to be the voice of the States.  All of this layering is an abomination to those who favor the mob rule of a pure democracy, but our Founding Fathers knew that democracy could not work without several checks and balances.  A movement to repeal the 17th could go a long way toward salvaging this nation.

The final solution, which most Americans want to avoid, is Secession, or Withdrawal from the Contract.  The appeal of secession increases in direct proportion to the amount of tyranny that the People feel in their personal lives.

Just because this tactic was crushed militarily the last time it was tried does not mean that it was unlawful – it was totally lawful – nor that it is in any way contrary to the Founding Documents of our nation.

Indeed, what did we do in 1776, but secede from Great Britain?  Just because we did it lawfully did not mean they didn’t try to crush it militarily.  As Secessionists, we won that first war, then we lost the next one.  There is a growing number today who are ready to go for “best two out of three.”

Understand that Secession is not Rebellion.  Rebellion is a resort to arms without color of law.  Secession, or “Dissolution”, involves lawfully elected representatives of the People who debate the issue and vote, lawfully, to withdraw from a contractual arrangement.  It is the right of all free people to withdraw from a contract, and, by definition,  those who cannot withdraw are not free.

The recent tactic of presenting petitions to the Federal Government, begging permission to secede, is ludicrous on the surface.  One does not beg for a birthright.  One asserts a Right, and then prepares to defend it.  Petitioning is simply nonsense, except for one fact – by establishing the dialogue, it gives the citizens of Louisiana (and others already following) a meaningful thing to debate in the barber shops and coffee shops and at supper in homes all over the country!

Those legislators who want to avoid both secession or armed rebellion need to get to work now to avoid catastrophe by implementing Nullification and repealing the 17th Amendment.

That one aspect of the current flawed petition drive makes it pure gold, for it “crafts the debate” and sends detectable seismic activity under the chairs of state governors and legislators!  Those legislators who want to avoid secession or armed rebellion need to get to work now to avoid catastrophe by implementing Nullification and repealing the 17th Amendment.

Secession is a viable option, but it’s also an extreme option.  It’s the LAST lawful option.  It should be avoided if possible, if for no other reasons than the #1 lesson we learned from the War of Northern Aggression:  “One does not attempt to break a contract unless dealing from a position of strength.”

Having said that, if Nullification is not successful, and if political hacks cannot find the backbone to allow Dissolution to be debated and pursued, then it appears inevitable to many that this country will fall apart at the seams with economic collapse, followed by anarchy and blood in the streets.  The “doom-and-gloom” economists are optimists.

We have three options:

  1. Force the Federal Government back into its Constitutional role as a Servant  in Support of the States;
  2. Learn to live with Tyranny and accept our lot as subjects rather than Citizen-Rulers;
  3. Withdraw from the Contract, either individually or collectively, come what may.

© 2012, Daniel D. New

1. When it happens, those who prepared for it will be blamed, and will be labeled as “enemies of the state”.

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