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World View

The goal of the League of the South is the cultural, social, economic, and political independence and well being of the Southern people. We affirm the proud legacy of our predominantly Anglo-Celtic civilization with no apology. We lay proper claim to the political vision of America’s Founders, to the heroic struggle of our Confederate ancestors against “consolidated” government, and to our underlying Christian heritage.

Since the War for Southern Independence, the Republican system of government established by the Founders has been steadily eroded. The principles of true federalism and State’s Rights are no longer operative. The League of the South does NOT advocate the overthrow of the United States government. We do, however, believe in the Jeffersonian principle that free people may change their government if, over a long period of time, it becomes destructive of life, liberty, and property. Consequently, we reject the central government’s continuing usurpation of state sovereignty and support the restoration of self-government to the Southern people. If this means secession and formation of a Southern nation, then so be it. Self-government, as our forebears understood, is necessary for the preservation of ordered liberty.

If the South were its own nation, its GNP would rank it in the top five nations of the world. Its laws would better reflect the natural conservatism and Christian roots of the Southern people. We could enjoy low taxes, sound money, secure private property rights, and a free-market economy. We could follow a foreign policy of armed neutrality, leave the UN and oppose the New World Order. We could once again reward merit and abolish the Welfare State and Affirmative Action. We could severely limit immigration. We could get government out of our children’s education. We could remove ourselves from the current judicial tyranny. In short, we could seize control of our destiny as a distinct people.

The League of the South upholds the right of free association. Peoples of different cultures should pursue their own interests without interference from bureaucrats and social engineers who push such enormities as global democracy and multiculturalism. While uncompromising in our stand for Southern rights and identity, we disavow a spirit of malice. Rather, we extend an offer of cooperation to all peoples and groups in America and the world who share our love of liberty and our desire for self-rule.

We invite you to join our patriotic stand.

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