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How much do you really love Texas and the South?

How much do you really love Texas and the South?

It is easy to post articles and comments on stories dear to Texas and Southern Independence. As Texans and Southrons, we often talk tough, yet often talk is cheap. When it comes time to show support in terms of independence issues, there is very weak follow through. Sure we can choose to ‘like’ something and get traffic, but will you attend meetings? Will you talk to others about Independence? Will you buy products, books and items that support Independence? Will you write book reviews on Amazon for Southern writers? Books like The Grey Book, The South Was Right and Tom Green’s Texas (Secession) books do not have many Southrons reviewing them. Instead, we talk about independence, but do not show our support for independence. We push the like button, since it is easy rather than take the effort to write supportive reviews that could encourage many fence sitters to take action. You may not be a good talker or be able to socialize at gun shows or other recruiting events, but you can write book reviews for Southron writers. Go out and support the works of Clyde Wilson, Mike Tuggle, Thomas Fleming, Tom Green, Donnie Kennedy, Michael Hill, and others. While you are at it, write reviews of the CD’s and albums with Southron songs, like Bobby Horton. Write positive reviews for Southron movies. If you want more of them, let Amazon and other sites know it. When you do that it is like yelling a thunderous “Yee-Haw” and “Let’s Hear it for Dixie!”. Such things encourage the writers and songwriters that preserve our history and culture. The time is now upon you to make your voice heard. “Let’s hear it for Dixie!” needs to mean something.

It is easy to gripe about Hollywood and the tripe it produces. It takes effort to change that, including your efforts in this cultural struggle.

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  1. CT says:

    I will look for some books by these authors. I read one on Nathan B. Forrest which was very well written.

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