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Why Attend the 2013 Texas League of the South Conference?  Reason #1

Why Attend the 2013 Texas League of the South Conference? Reason #1

There are a lot of conferences these days, and we’re all busy, between making a living, paying taxes, giving our families some attention, and wondering how we will ever get prepared for what looks like a cross between Armageddon and Civil War II staring our nation in the face!

Unfortunately, most of the conferences are in the form of Tea Party rallies and/or Republican rallies.  And while we appreciated the energy and the patriotism of many people in both, they are all afflicted with a similar fatal flaw – they still think this ship of state can be salvaged.  We don’t.

You can find motivational speakers at all rallies, and come away with your batteries all charged up and ready to go, but if you’re ready to do battle on the wrong front, then you’re wasting your time – a commodity too precious to waste.  America is racing toward a cliff, and the Republican solution to that looming disaster is to slow the train from 100 mph to 80 mph.

With the notable exceptions of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the Senate is a disaster.  There are probably ten votes in the US Senate who will vote to restore the Constitution – that great Southern Charter.  If the Republicans across the board had a voting record in Congress to admire, then we would not need to be considering how to survive the coming collapse of this nation.

The Democratic Party is far more honest in their platform and in their rhetoric – they aren’t even ashamed to call themselves “progressives” and to promote the agenda of Karl Marx openly.  They are the party of International Socialism.  If you want to reform them, go ahead and be my guest.

Socialists of a different stripe dominate the Republican Party.  They are a dishonest party because they pretend to be conservative and to care about the Constitution.  Their platforms sound good.  They know what we want, and they offer it to us, over and over, just like Lucy offering the football to Charlie Brown.  And we fall for it, every time.1

I guarantee you, if David Dewhurst had won the nomination for US Senate, the Republicans would have swarmed to support that snake with precisely the same enthusiasm, if not more, than they did for Ted Cruz.  And therein lies the problem.  Across the board, the power brokers of the GOP 2 employ speech writers to keep conservatives “on the reservation” while they pursue National Socialism.  This is defined as favoring partnerships between major corporations and government, a strong and aggressive military policy, nationalist in flavor and with a heavy handed application of “law and order”.  Another name for this is “fascism”.

The Republican Party was conceived in socialism, and dedicated to the proposition that all men should live their lives in a manner pleasing to the Federal Government, or else.  It has not improved with age.

Folks, this political cesspool has been designed and implemented over a century, with the complete acquiescence of the leadership of both socialist parties.  This situation is precisely what 250,000 Confederate soldiers died to prevent!

If secession was wrong in 1861, then it was wrong in 1776.  They can’t have it both ways.  Let’s start talking about it.  When we do, we shape the dialogue.

Do all secessions have to be bloody?  Of course not.  We’re not pursuing war – but we are pursuing Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

By shaping the dialogue, you and I can bring more people to understand that there can be no salvation in a political situation that offers us a choice between communists and fascists.  With one or two exceptions, that’s exactly what we have now.

Whether they like it or not, the Tea Parties have become shills for the GOP.  If you don’t believe me, attend one and wear a Constitution Party shirt, as I have, and you’ll learn very quickly that they regard you as “the Problem”.

This country is falling apart at the seams, and nothing except Divine Intervention can save it.  We have a duty to ourselves, to our families, and to our posterity to make every effort to secure the blessings of liberty for all.  Is that so radical?  Yes, apparently it was in 1776, it was in 1861, and it is in 2013.

Economic collapse is inevitable.  You and I both know that will trigger civil war when the welfare crowd can’t get their “entitlements”.  We can either plan to withdraw from that chaos now, or we can try to do it in the midst of shooting.  What makes more sense to you?

Reason #1:  Because, if you believe in Liberty, the Republican Party is not your friend.  Freedom will not return by doing what we’ve been doing for the past fifty years.


1 It should be enough for any thinking American when they hear the news that Jeb Bush has just awarded to Hillary Clinton the Liberty Medal from something called the National Constitution Center!

2 Group of Prostitutes

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  1. CT says:

    Although I would like to attend, I think its time to bring into light some candidates with like-minded views.

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