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2013 Texas League of the South Conference Re-Cap

2013 Texas League of the South Conference Re-Cap

The 2013 Texas League of the South Conference was highly successful, informative and enlightening.

The Conference started with Daniel New acting as Master of Ceremonies. He started with a word of appreciation for the sponsors of the event, identifying each of them by name and encouraging attendees to support them. After the initial greetings, the conference opened with an invocation by Pastor Weaver.

After the invocation, there was personal message from Dr. Michael Hill for the Texas League, the work being done and his appreciation for those taking a leading role in that work.

Pastor Weaver began his first talk with a passage from Romans (Romans 13:1-4). He shared Scriptural passages and historical anecdotes regarding tyranny and ways of responding to tyranny. His examples included references to the Fairfax Resolves, which he encouraged all the attendees to read. Along with other historic examples, he discussed the differences between secession and rebellion.  While elaborating on rebellion, he pointed out that “rebellion is only to lawful authority”.  In addressing the issue of tyranny, he elaborated on the God-given responsibilities of government along with what our God-given responsibilities are.

The second speaker was Dwayne Stovall, who shared his experiences from the recent election where he ran for office. He also elaborated on trends he is seeing in other groups as well, noting that all major groups in Texas have positions on the secession issue, with the major difference being the time tables they are considering.

He also elaborated on the recent legislative session in the Texas Legislature noting the bills and concerns of interest to achieving local sovereignty. A matter which he brought up worth noting is the amount of debt owed by Texas along with the source of that debt, which consists mainly of school districts and municipal bonds.

After a brief break, the conference resumed with author David Thomas Roberts. He shared personal experiences and anecdotes related to his book “Patriots of Treason”.  His personal experiences included dealings with various federal agencies and publishing firms. He also elaborated on the various perceptions of his book and Texas in other parts of the country that his travels take him to.

Two of his books were offered for an auction. The auction soon became lively as the bidders sought a prized ‘first edition’ of his book.

A representative from the Tenth Amendment Center presented how the “solution to all problems lie within the Constitution”. Her presentation covered the historic development of ‘nullification’ through United States history. She pointed out that many people and politicians abuse the Constitution by taking some of the sections out of context. It was pointed out that all laws are to be “…in pursuance of the Constitution”, which often stifles potential abuses.

After the morning program, we enjoyed dinner and fellowship. Joe Sager and his wife graciously provided the dinner along with a “Bonnie Blue” cake. After eating, people were encouraged to visit the vendors present. Each vendor gave a brief presentation of their products offered.

A second author, Walter Coffey, then shared with us the historic development of secession from his new book, The Civil War Months. His presentation reviewed the major events that led up the War Between the States and how many modern progressive revisionists have sought to distort those events.

He was followed by a presentation by Jeff Murrah who presented “Independence as the Best Option”.  He recounted how the current system is flawed to the point of being unfixable, with references to current events. In countering the flaws, the viability of independence was presented as the best option. The viability issue included economic, agricultural, military and political benefits that would be attained through independence along with some of the challenges it presents.

Pastor Weaver shared a second presentation. In his second talk, he elaborated on the Biblical precedents for secession. With his usual stimulating style he presented the Biblical accounts with a vitality that brings new insights. He also made applications on how those Biblical truths can be applied to modern day situations.

The conference wound down with a round-table discussion. The round-table included most of the presenters as they addressed the pertinent issues and took questions from the attendees. Some of the issues brought up with frequency concerned the 17th amendment and how changes to it would bring a reduction in federal power.

The conference ended with a benedictory prayer.

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