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Reason #3 to Attend our 2013 Conference

Reason #3 to Attend our 2013 Conference

To all Texans (and lesser folk who find themselves in this State):

We’ve already given you two great reasons to attend the conference this coming Saturday.

Sure, you can use the inspiration (#1), and you can use the education (#2) – either one makes it worth the trip to Magnolia, Texas, even if you live in Texarkana (315 miles) or Brownsville (384 miles) or Amarillo (603 miles) or El Paso (707 miles).  But you may already be on information overload, you may already be so motivated that you can’t find minutes in the day to do more.  Here’s another reason to attend:  NETWORKING!

If your WCS (worst-case-scenario) comes to pass, you are going to need friends.  You may have to relocate, and if you don’t, many others will.  Survival may depend to a large degree on who you know.  My WCS includes Zombies, so I definitely need to know who is passing the motion detector at my gate.  You may be thinking of a hurricane.  Remember IKE in Texas?  Many Texans were refugees with no place to go.  Churches and schools all over Texas opened up temporary shelters.  But those who knew someone weren’t refugees, there were merely “in transit” to a point of hospitality.  Huge difference.

There are social and political and survival implications in networking with folks around the state.  But you can’t do that by sitting out this important weekend, hoping that the League will record these sessions and make them available.

If you are a paid League of the South member, and if you come to this conference and don’t think it was worth your money, I’ll personally offer you your admission money back.  How’s that for a no-risk guarantee?

Daniel New
past State Chairman

PS.  We now have a 50% off offer:  if you really, really can’t make it, then please calculate the amount of money you would have spent on gas, meals, motel and admission; and send a cheque for HALF that amount (along with your annual membership renewal) to:

League of the South
Post Office Box 760
Killen, Alabama 35645

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