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Why Attend the 2013 Texas League of the South Conference?

Why Attend the 2013 Texas League of the South Conference?

Reason #2 – 17th Amendment

We all need a reality check from time to time.  You will not hear these fundamental arguments of constitutional liberty at “conservative rallies”.  They’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid for too long.

Q:  Who created the Federal Government, which became “the united States of America”?

A:  The sovereign States, acting in the interest of, and upon the authority delegated to them by The People.[1]

Q:  What guarantee did the States have that the Servant – the federal government – could not abuse its Masters, which were The People and The States?

  1. A bicameral legislature, with one house representing The People (House of Representatives) and the other house representing the interests of The States (Senate).  Either house was able to check the power of the national government.
  2. What single amendment to the Constitution destroyed that balance of power, stripping the States of all authority and voice in Congress?
  3. The Seventeenth Amendment.

How many of your friends understand that the Republic known as the United States of America was utterly destroyed by the 17th Amendment?  The balance of power shifted, with this swindle, leaving the States powerless, and The People empowered to do anything they wanted, thus destroying the fundamental balance of power and creating a Democracy in place of a Republic.

Who understands that The States, stripped of power and having no authority beyond their own borders, have since fought a retreating action that has been, and will always be a losing effort?  The 17th was a literal coup d’etat, in which one of the three partners to the Compact was cut out of the deal.

Where else will you hear speaker after speaker reinforce the understanding that you already have – but virtually none of your neighbors have – that the USA has reached this edge of the abyss, this depth of depravity because of one simple problem – the Servant has become the Master.

Romans 14:4 says, “To their own master, servants stand or fall.”

The States lost mastery with the 17th Amendment.  The assault upon the Constitution was overwhelming, as the agents of Karl Marx stood on either side and guided Woodrow Wilson through a blinding series of tactical maneuvers which shredded our Constitution and left a federal government answerable only to a Congress elected by popular vote – and the voters susceptible to every sort of temptation a manipulating government could offer.

Is there any reason a man should not vote in the best interest of his pocketbook?  We hear self-proclaimed “conservatives” argue for more government education; more grants to their schools and cities and counties and states; more “benefits” and more “entitlements”.  We meet farmers who call themselves very conservative, yet who receive tens of thousands of dollars in federal subsidies.  Etc.  The People are reduced to fighting for a larger slice of the pie, because there is no one to represent the States and to check the unbridled runaway buggy, the national government.

In the end, we all wind up arguing over “principles” in a manner similar to hogs feeding at a trough – who can get the most in the shortest period of time?

The point you will hear expounded upon in League meetings is not that we need to restore the balance of power to the States, but that we must restore that balance, or we must withdraw from the Compact.  In a word, “Secession”.

If you show us a way to restore power to the States, we’re behind you.  If you cannot do it, then let’s talk withdrawal from a dysfunctional nation which spurns the contract upon which it was formed.


“If secession was wrong in 1861, then it was wrong in 1776.  You can’t have it both ways.”

– Donnie Kennedy


[1] We recognize the fact that the States exceeded their delegated authority at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  Nonetheless, they came up with a marvelous experiment in government.

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