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It has never made much sense to me for folks to argue that Southerners ought not participate in elections because they want to be their own independent nation.  We understand the logic to it, of course.  It’s the argument of the purist, who would withdraw from all he finds repugnant, rather than work to clean up the pigpen.  But mucking out pigpens or septic tanks does require getting into the filth, but if someone doesn’t do it, then the filth wins. 

This is the same zealot who would have argued that General Patton should not have used captured German diesel fuel for his tanks because it was tainted by belonging to the hated Nazis.  Such a fool would not have been allowed in Patton’s presence again. 

Even so, there is much to be said for not wasting our time on the federal elections, unless that rare candidate comes along who agrees with you so strongly that you cannot resist.  Otherwise, the Spirit of 1776 should prevail: 

“Re-elect NOBODY!”

Having said that, we need to realize that our State races are far, far more important than the national election, no matter which State we live in, and no matter what issues are being debated.

Why is the race for your state legislature more important than the race for president?

  1. Your state legislators hold the power to change the direction of this country, were they to be so educated and encouraged by you.
  2. Your state legislators can amend the Constitution to the US, and desperately need to do so – they could start by repealing the 17th Amendment would return power to the States and strip the Feds of control of Congress and the country.
  3. Your state legislators can nullify federal legislation and regulations that they believe to be unconstitutional, as it applies to your state.
  4. Your state legislators were established in their authority before the USA existed, and based upon that legitimate authority (from the British Crown and then by the People, through elections), they established the Federal government to act as a servant to the States and to the People.  But the Servant has become the Master, and only the State legislatures can bring it back under control.
  5. While few state races are likely to be honest, the level of corruption is much lower than in the national elections.  Federal elections are pretty much predetermined.  By the time the primaries are over, the two candidates are almost always owned by the Globalists, and it really doesn’t make much difference which one wins the election.  Your vote in most state races still counts.1
  6. Your state representative lives close to you, and you can even see him about town.  That means you can ask him about a vote, face to face (preferably in his office).  The main thing is that he’s accessible.  Your representatives in the House of Lords, I mean, Congress, are not accessible.  Ever.
  7. He’s more beatable.  And the more people who keep up with him and his votes, the easier he is to beat, if necessary.  And if he’s good, then he’s also easier to protect at the local level than the congresscritters who get huge donations from very questionable sources. 
  8. He will even come to visit with you in your home when you get ten to twenty couples over for a barbecue, “to discuss politics and religion”, and it will be amazing how he “comes to Jesus” on certain issues after getting a plate full of spare ribs and an ear full of advice from you and your friends.  Forty adults who care represent 400 votes in the next election.

There are more, but you get the idea.  You can even run for state rep yourself, or choose from your small team of twenty couples a person who can run for some local office.  Just be sure that they understand the concepts and the goals here – to challenge the Leviathan and work to bring power and influence back to the States, and to the Counties, and to the People, at every opportunity. 

Start by inviting ten friends over, and committing to vote as a bloc for a handful of candidates who understand the Vision – and you will be on the road to taking back your county, and your State. 

Whether you want to take back your country, or start a new one, this process works, when you work it.


1 Of course, if you get ten friends to vote with you, then you expand your influence exponentially.  See

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