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Memorial Day 2016 –  Year of Degradation of the Southern Patriot

Memorial Day 2016 –
Year of Degradation of the Southern Patriot

confederatecemetaryThere are very few exceptions to the fact that the soldier is a pawn in a deadly game. He never joins with a view in mind of dying – he figures that happens to someone else.

The winners write the history books, so as long as we are winning, and those who died are heroes in our textbooks.

We would do well to remember, in this 21st Century era of Political Correctness, that there has been one war in our history where both sides were Americans. Every Confederate soldier who died of wounds, or even more who died of disease in uniform, were victims of the politicians who sent them to fight against their own brothers and fellow-Americans.

Congress voted recently to strip the battle flag of Confederates from all federal cemeteries, thus partaking in “cultural cleansing” and continuing the subjugation of Southerners who loved their country every bit as did the Northern soldiers they fought.

Congress has degraded the memory of those patriotic Americans – men who fought and bled and died for the right of self-determination. (Anyone who thinks that war was about slavery is a politically correct ignoramus. General Grant said it well, “If I thought this war was about slavery, I would resign my commission and offer my sword to the other side.”)

The South lost the war, but to this day we retain our pride and our memories of the sacrifices made by 258,000 men.

Congress has no shame.

Our politicians sacrifice pawns for strategical reasons. But their deaths are still catastrophic to the families left behind. Parents, wives and children mourn just the same, for to them the political reasons are just as meaningless. We remember them, we mourn them. No matter the cause, we recognize that they paid the ultimate sacrifice. And we also need to remember how our Congressman voted this year, when we go to the polls.

It’s bad enough that politicians sent them to die – it’s even worse to outlaw the practice of remembering them. This act of a conqueror proves that the North, to this day, scorns the South, and their right to self-determination.

One more freedom died this year in America.

If we remember nothing else, let’s remember that, in November.

Spirit of 1776 – re-elect NOBODY!

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