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Texas Independence Day 2017

March 2 – Independence Day in Texas. 

Want to confuse everyone in the neighborhood this week?  Fly the FIRST Texas flag of Independence on your flagpole, or put it up on your Facebook Page along with the word, “INDEPENDENCE”. 

This is the flag flown at Goliad, designed by Capt. Phillip Dimmit, and flown in defiance of the Mexican army, some months before the Battle of the Alamo.  

We have a friend in Mexifornia who flies this less famous Texas flag on his flagpole for “Texas Week”.  He says not only will nobody criticize his flag, they seem to be afraid to even catch his eye! 

Some of them seem to think it’s a Muslim flag, and being Californians, they are happy to see him “celebrate our diversity,” and not about to criticize him.  Others are just given to a quivering lip and a hasty departure. 

The Coahuila Y Tejas flag was one of three flags flown at the Alamo, along with the more well-known 1824 flag.

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